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Past Projects
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  • I am an independent FANUC integrator working exclusively on all series of FANUC robots.
  • I design, develop, program, startup, debug and install industrial automation systems using FANUC Robotics, Allen Bradley PLC's, Panelview HMI's, motion controls and industrial automation devices (ultrasonic welding, UV-cure systems, LVDT, Print devices, vision, scanners, drill staions, solder station, etc.)
  • I am looking for engineering projects utilizing the state of the art technologies to solve automation applications.
  • I customize training and delivery it for operator, maintenance and programming staff.
  • I coach and mentor customer engineering and technical staff for project support.
  • I provide consulting on system concept, pre engineering feasibility study, and develop system specifications.
  • I layout all projects with RoboGuide simulation to perform reach study and time analysis.  As the project progresses, the 3D models are imported into to cell.  The robot programming is simultaneously being developed while the parts are being fabricated.  The program is ready before the system is assembled.
  •   I execute systems from the kickoff meeting defining all details to the project through installation and training.  I also develop the device layout, electrical schematics, network diagram, power distribution, I/O interface and subpanel detail drawing packages.
  • I perform System modifications, New part programming, redeployment of robots, and system troubleshooting.
  • I am based out of the Charlotte, NC area but my diverse projects take me all over the world.


  • Special Applications: HandlingTool, PalleTool, PMC, Karel and PCDK software development and system modifications. Additional FANUC optional software includes Auxillary axes, iRVision & iPendant screen development, line tracking, soft float, and advanced constant path to name a few.  VB and SQL applications for data acquisition applications.  Ethernet IP, networking, motion control and vision systems.


I enjoy taking on the challenging projects that others take a pass on. Bring it on!


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Applications Integrators Customers
  • Palletizing (25+)
  • Injection Molding (10+)
  • Machine Load/Unload (10)
  • Assembly (3)
  • Dispensing (3)
  • Karel & PCDK Development (5)
  • Material Handling (10)
  • Material Removal (5
  • Plasma-Thermal Spray (5)
  • )
  • Monoblock Machines (9)
  • Motion Control (2)
  • Packaging
  • Paint (5)
  • Path Profiles (3)
  • PLC & HMI programming (25+)
  • RoboGuide Simulations (~100)
  • Risk Assessments (3)
  • SCADA/Data Acquisition (3)
  • Sercos Servos controls (1)
  • Vision (10)
  • Walking Beams Machines (3)
  • Welding (3)





  • Avid Solutions (4)
  • Bosch (2)
  • Chiron America (4)
  • CIMTEC (2)
  • Cincinnati Milacron (13)
  • Daifuku
  • ESSTechnologies (3)
  • FAS Controls
  • ICA - Industrial Controls Associates (2)
  • Innovative Automation
  • Integrated Technologies International
  • MHT - Material Handling Technologies
  • Okuma (3)
  • Nelson Stud Welding
  • Performance Automation
  • Smurfit Stone
  • T-Tek Material Handling
  • Vision East







  • Briggs Stratton (2)
  • Bristol Compressor
  • Charlotte Pipe (13)
  • Coca-Cola
  • Composite Shakespeare
  • Cox Target Media
  • Decostar (4)
  • Delphi Automotive
  • Engelhard Corp
  • Florida Crystal (3)
  • Fuji Film (2)
  • GE Gas Turbine (4)
  • General Mills (11)
  • General Motors
  • Honda Power Equipment
  • International Paper (3)
  • ITW Shakeproop (6)
  • Kay Chemical
  • Kerr-Mcgee
  • Magna
  • Metaldyne
  • Moen, Inc.
  • PPG
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Rubbermaid (2)
  • Scorpion Performance (3)
  • SEW Eurodrive (4)
  • The Timken Company
  • Visteon











RoboGuide Simulations screenshots of Past Projects

Two R-2000 robot's both with iRVision - Robot 1 is searching for bent paint hook stacked in  a rack with laser, measure the bend, and stage for next robot.  Robot 2 picks up the bent hook and fishes the hooks into a casting sloppy stacked on pallet.  After depalletizing, and clean the part is loaded on  paint line.

The M16-L robot will take a picture of the new part in the tray to determine part type, location and orientation. The Robot will then pick up the next gear and pinion form their associated raw trays, re-orient the parts and perch in front of the Gleason 600HTL machines ready to load. When the machine cycle is complete and the doors open, the robot will remove the finished parts from the fixtures, load the new raw parts and cycle the machine. The robot will then place the finished parts into respective finished tray location and get the next set of raw parts. The robot will transfer the trays between layers. Two empty tray stations are needed. Additional stations are available (cleaning station, quality drawer, reject station, gauging station blow-off station and flip station)

This system consists of two M16iB/20T robots on a 15.5 meter rail.  Each robot is serviceing three Chiron machines, loading and unloading parts for machining. Each machine has a flip station to process both sides of the parts.  The robots communicated with the CNC's via Profibus.  The parts were justified into the fixtures using soft float.

This FANUC RoboGuide Simulation is of a M-710iB/70T robot on a 10 meter rail that is unloading and loading brake parts in into and out of four CNC machines. The robot then puts the finished parts onto a pallet and gets the raw parts for the next cycle.

This FANUC RoboGuide Simulation is of a M-710iB/70T robot on a 10 meter rail that is unloading and loading brake parts in into and out of four CNC machines. The robot then puts the finished parts onto a pallet and gets the raw parts for the next cycle.

This project uses a FANUC LR Mate 200iC robot to process handle grips. The process will add stud inserts into one half of the handle and print the ON_OFF on the other.

101-SP-Haas3 Load Unload System.wmv

M-16 robot loading and unloading three cnc machines concurrently.